About our President

Myra MayMyra May began her career as a registered nurse and practiced in the state of Wisconsin. She received her Master’s in Administrative Leadership and changed her focus from acute care to long term care. Her first job in long term care was as a Director of Nursing in a 300-bed skilled nursing facility. She was promoted to the administrator in the same facility.

Her next position was in Southern California as a Quality Assurance Coordinator of a large nursing home company. She assisted with turning around many troubled facilities. Her next position began as Vice President of Clinical Services and was promoted to leading operations in a growing nursing home company also located in Southern California. For a period of time, she moved to New Jersey to lead clinical services and decided to move back to Southern California. For the last 16 years, she has lead Operations and Clinical Services with New Vista.

In 2010, she completed her Juris Doctorate and continued her learning experience at the University of Notre Dame receiving an Executive Certification in Business Administration. Her current attendance at Harvard Business School consists of Health Care in the Global Environment and was invited back the following year to attend the Health Care course by the Professor teaching the course. She also attended Values Measurement in Health Care and will be attending a three-year course for Leadership Development of Presidents of Companies at Harvard.