Your Stay

A senior in a wheelchair smiling outside.

Coming To New Vista

Now that a decision has been made about the care, let’s discuss what you can expect at our facilities.

Greeting You

There will be an Executive Director, a Director of Nursing or a Wellness Director that can answer questions about your care. They lead the facility administratively and clinically. You can contact them during daytime hours. The receptionist will also be glad to get them for you if you have not met them when your question occurs. There are department heads that take care of dietary, maintenance, social service, as well as housekeeping and laundry that will answer your questions as well. We are here to assist you and please allow us to do so.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are posted by the front door. We ask that the hours be respected so we may take care of the residents in a private and dignified manner. If you desire any exceptions we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Your Daily Routine

Depending upon the care you need, the day will vary. You will have an opportunity to socialize in the dining room, participate in activities, have rest periods and watch TV. We request that if you need assistance that you turn on the nursing call light and wait for assistance to keep you safe and fall free.

Preparing for Discharge

We begin discharge planning upon admission or shortly thereafter. So we may be asking you questions regarding the environment you will be discharged to when the doctor feels you are well enough to go home. The purpose of the preparation is to keep you safe and free from injury.

Personal Items

If you bring any personal items, place your name on those items. That includes clothing that can be washed.

Valuable Items

Please keep money or personal items of value at home. We would feel badly if they were lost. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for these items.

Paying for Your Care

Please bring your personal identification and your insurance information when you arrive. That includes Medicare, Medi-Cal, Managed Care, and private insurance information. Please bring your prescription drug cards, if applicable. If there is a Patient representative for Financial Decisions, supporting documents such as a Power of Attorney for financial decisions, guardian and surrogate should be brought with you as well. If you are paying privately, payment can be made with a check or credit card. The cost of care can vary depending on the level of care needed and if you have a share of cost or copay. we accept checks or credit cards for that as well. Dual eligible residents need to go to the business office with any questions and bring any letters received at the same time. We will explain the letters so you have the right to understand and choose the coverage you desire.